Dream Defenders

Split between the small American town of Meridian in the real world and the fantastical universes of the Dreamworlds, Dream Defenders series is a story about monster-fighting within nightmare dreamscapes, saving mind-controlled real world citizens, zapping
break-through monsters, and surviving high school.

Dream Defenders are Zane, Zoey, and the supercomputer ZEUS. Zane and Zoey are twins, which means they bicker and battle together on a grand adventure that will take them far beyond the limits of their backyard. ZEUS sends the twins to the Dreamworlds and equips them with gadgets to fight the Momoks, monsters
created from our nightmare and fears. Zane and Zoey will have to dig deep within themselves to find courage and
the hero within.

Dream Defenders is about facing our nightmares and fears, overcoming them, and, in the process, growing stronger and more courageous.