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Side Seeing

May, the daughter of a wealthy Vietnamese businessman, wants to celebrate her 18th birthday in Bangkok and is willing to spend a lot of money to have dinner with her favorite Thai actor, Mr. Park (Puttichai Kasetsin). However, she starts to question whether money can bring true happiness and decides to meet Mr. Park as a regular person instead of a wealthy heiress. Her parents send a housekeeper and four bodyguards to watch over her, making it difficult for May to meet Mr. Park privately. She teams up with a friend, Dua Hau, to sneak out and meets a motorcycle biker named Boy (Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong), who helps her evade her bodyguards and get closer to Mr. Park. As May spends more time with Boy, she begins to question her feelings for Mr. Park and must decide who she wants to spend her special day with.